Punctual - Professional - Personable 

Chauffeur Drive Britain provide a professional business and corporate chauffeur service of the highest standard.  From multi car bookings, airport transfers, events and conferences, to a busy itinerary of meetings in the City of London, Chauffeur Drive Britain can handle everything, saving you time. Your itinerary will be confirmed within three hours of receiving it.

Our systems will flag any logistical issues, track flights and all itineraries are also manually checked. Our experienced, discreet chauffeurs will deal with all your business needs and make sure tight schedules run on time. Our luxury long wheel base cars come equipped with Wi-Fi, chargers, refreshments and magazines. Your time with us will be your own so you can concentrate on the business of the day. 

Chauffeur Drive Britain - Your Time Well Spent 

The inside of a car driven by a chauffeur in London

Customer Charter

We are more than just cars and drivers. Our signature is the exceptional service we provide.

1. We will provide a Punctual, Professional and Personable service, with our focus always being on you the customer.

2. A commitment to delivering an exceptional experience, whilst upholding personal safety and discretion.

3. A simple and efficient booking process, with confirmation emailed within 3 hours of receiving itinerary or request.

4. Our systems will check flights and addresses, so any logistical issues are immediately flagged. We also manually check schedules in case more journey time is required.

5. Only the most committed, knowledgeable and trustworthy chauffeurs will drive for Chauffeur Drive Britain.

6. Late model cars will be supplied (less than 3 years old). Water,  WiFi, phone chargers and newspapers/magazines will be in the vehicles.

7. Cars will be valeted before every booking.

8. Cars and chauffeur will be on site at least 15 minutes before booking time.

9. Quality control checks and fail safes in place for every booking. (GPS and manual checks before booking,  to make sure cars are on time. Booking details and changes double verified with chauffeur )

10. Offer extended services, such as booking restaurants and organising tickets for in demand sporting events.

11. Provide event specialists and coordinators to make sure multi car bookings run smoothly.

12. Post booking assessment, feedback and reports will be provided upon request.

Hygiene Procedure

- Anti-virus wipes to clean vehicle interior surfaces between passenger changes. 

- Focus on: Interior door panel, all handles, windows, locks, door storage areas, cup holders, power cords, seats, exterior door handles, and children’s car seats. 

- Only offer sealed refreshments and immediately remove the remaining packets, with gloves after the journey is completed. 

- Wearing of masks to reassure passengers. 

- Luggage handles to be wiped after chauffeur has assisted. 

- Handshakes with customers will be avoided until further notice.


Chauffeur Drive Britain - the Time Saving Machine...

In the past many would consider using a chauffeur driven car as a luxury. That may still be true to some but there are other huge benefits to using a chauffeur for business travel…. 

Compared to other means of transport, a chauffeur will take care of the entire journey, door to door. There is no waiting on platforms and no chatty cabbies. This means that the entire journey is yours to do with as you please.

For many busy business travellers, this means the stress of the journey has been taken away and without it your mood is one of calm reflection, prior to arriving promptly at your destination.

Your journey is no longer a chore but a quiet oasis where you can work in peace, make an important call or simply think. Often booking a chauffeur is only marginally more than a taxi service but the useful time you reclaim makes the additional cost worth it.  

Our modern chauffeur cars are fitted with Wi-Fi, mobile phone chargers and carry refreshments, . This environment is a world away from public transport and can be used as productive work time or recuperating relaxation. Either way you arrive at your destination fresh and prepared.

We pride themselves on our service being much more than simply a driver. A great chauffeur is more like a butler in a car, attending to all your needs in a professional and personable manner. We will take care of the entire journey and manage the process from pick up to drop off.

 “We increasingly find our business travellers see us as more than luxury travel. Many have said the journey is an extension of their working day where they don’t have to worry about where they are going or if they will be on time. That’s the drivers’ job.”

 “We are very clear on our roles within our clients day and all our drivers have been schooled in the three ‘P’s’, Professional, Punctual and Personable.”

Many people are surprised at how affordable a modern chauffeur service can be and the experience goes beyond delivering passengers, it can feel like you have got some time back for yourself.

To experience one of our ‘time saving’ journeys, contact us at :  service@chauffeurdrivebritain.com